Scott County Public Library



The building at 230 East Main Street was built in 1929 as a public library.  With the donation of the lot in 1922 by G. H. and Margaret P. Nunnelly and a fundraising effort by the local woman's club, the Scott County Public Library began serving a community of 14,400. 

Library service continued to grow...

  • 1964 -- Addition of a children's library on the lower floor
  • 1966 -- Addition of bookmobile service
  • 1969 -- Establishment of a special taxing district
  • 1974 -- Addition to and renovation of the building
  • 1975 -- Establishment of the Friends of the Scott County Public Library

It was not until the 1990s that the need for a larger facility resulted in the 1994 petition referendum for an increased library tax rate.  With the success of this campaign, library service began its first steps to become what we know as library service today.


The current library building was built in the year 2000, serving a community of 33,061.  With adequate space the library has been able to enhance and increase its total library program, which includes a larger collection of materials and expanded programming for adults, teens, and children.  Currently, the facility continues to serve a population of over 47,000.  The Scott County Public Library is proud to be your door to lifelong learning and entertainment.