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E-books & Audiobooks


Overdrive allows you to download e-books and audiobooks, including the latest titles published, to your computer, kindle, iPad, Nook or other e-readers.

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Freading gives you the opportunity to download e-books, including popular titles and many non-fiction titles ranging from biographies, histories, crafts, cookbooks, health/wellness and more. There is never a waiting list for Freading titles.

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Gale Virtual Library e-books

Gale Virtual Library offers literature and e-books on non-fiction topics ranging from art, fashion, business, history, culture, medicine, religion, technology and much more. All books can be read on any computer or device that can get to the internet. Gale also offers an option to have most books read as audiobooks or viewed as PDFs. There is never a waiting list for Gale titles.

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Zinio gives magazine lovers the ability to view digital copies of their favorite magazines on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle Fire.

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Through Freegal, library patrons can download up to five Sony music tracks in the MP3 format each week. There is no loan period--once downloaded, the music belongs to you!

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