Heritage Quest

Heritage Quest Resource for census data, family records, and local histories. The collection also includes banking and military records, genealogies, and primary source materials.

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Find a Grave

Find a Grave Interested in finding a grave of a loved one in Scott County? Go to this website to possibly see a picture of the grave or request for one to be found.


Scott County Geneology

Scott County Genealogical Society For information on local genealogy research, free classes, and basic genealogy tips, visit this website.


America's Geneology Bank

America's Genealogy Bank Easily search millions of genealogies, obituaries, marriage and birth announcements and more from 1652 to the present. Includes historical newspapers, books documents, and the Social Security Death Index.

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Cyndy's List

Cyndi's List This site is well-known for being a leading resource in genealogy research.  It contains numerous categories in which to search for your heritage.


American Family Immigration History

American Family Immigration History Center This site allows visitors to explore the extraordinary collection of immigrant arrival records stored in the Ellis Island Archives.


USGenWeb Project Provided by a group of volunteers working together to provide websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States.


Best Geneology

101 Best Genealogy Web Sites Compiled by Family Tree Magazine. Provides a list of helpful websites for genealogy research.



A great website to help in genealogy research.  It contains links for family names, military rosters, research tips, and a beginner's guide.


family search

This site offers useful information for getting started with searching for family history, genealogy records, and tools for preserving your family tree.


 crystal gate

Available only in the Library
Get help starting your family tree, search various collections and browse the U.S. Census.  This unique database can only be accessed in the library.