The Scott County Public Library welcomes the donation of books and other materials.  Due in part to staffing, budgetary, and physical limitations of the library, not all materials donated will be added to the collection.  Donated materials will be considered as possible additions to the collection and are subject to the same selection criteria used for the acquisition of materials.  The library will accept materials only if the donation is made without stipulations on the part of the donor.  Donated materials will not be maintained in collections or special areas if not in the best interest of the library.  Materials will be interspersed within the existing collection as needed.


Those patrons desiring a statement for tax purposes must state the value of the contribution.  The library is not an appraisal agency and cannot assess the worth of gift materials.


The Scott County Public Library also encourages monetary donations in memory or in honor of individuals or groups.  Materials will be ordered in keeping with the donor’s wishes if the request complies with the library’s selection guidelines.  A memorial / honor form must be completed by the donor so proper acknowledgements can be sent to individual or family members by the library.


The donor of any gift should understand that the library shall assume the complete authority over disposition of the gift and reserves the right to assign gifts wherever the need is greatest or to dispose of them in some other way if they are not acceptable on library terms.