Scott County Public Library


Distribution and Posting of Non-Library Materials


The Library is frequently asked to distribute flyers, brochures and other miscellaneous announcements of community events.  As part of its “build community” role, the Scott County Public Library will distribute materials that publicize activities of a civic, cultural, educational or recreational nature produced by non-commercial local groups.  Based on the appearance, contents, timeliness, local interest, and general suitability of the announcements, the Library Director approves the distribution and posting of such items.  Unauthorized material will be discarded.


These items will be available on the library’s community display rack.




Items announcing and promoting library programs will take precedence over other community information.


All dated items will be removed on a timely basis by library staff.  Items provided as handouts or for posting will be made available for periods no longer than four weeks.


All items must be submitted to the Library Director for approval.


Generally, items will be approved if they do not seek to promote or inhibit politically or religiously; if they have not been printed primarily for the purpose of soliciting members, requesting donations, raising funds or selling merchandise, except for those materials produced for the Friends of the Scott County Public Library if the poster, flyer or brochure is professionally and neatly done.  All activities and events noted in the materials for distribution and display must be open to all.


Materials from an individual or a for-profit group, company, or organization (including for-profit nursery schools and job announcements) will not be accepted for posting or distribution.


The library may distribute political campaign literature when the material contains information about all candidates.  Materials on individual candidates are not distributed or displayed in the public library.


Each item is approved or disapproved on a case-by-case basis.


The availability of space may of itself limit the posting of announcements and distribution of materials.  Items may be refused because of their size if at the time there is no available space to distribute or post them. In general, items accepted will be no larger than 8 ½ by 11.


The display of distribution of non-library materials does not constitute endorsement of the materials’ content by the public library.


Final authority for all materials displayed and distributed on library property rests with the Library Director, who administers under the authority of the Board of Trustees.