Library’s Recording Studio Delights Patrons with Free Use!

Recording Studio Orientation at SCPL


It is a quiet afternoon as a young, aspiring filmmaker buzzes with excitement as she waits to join library assistant, Cameron Nixon for an orientation session in the library’s recording studio.

The recording studio was added during the 2015 library expansion after careful collaboration with the University of Kentucky’s Director of the Louis B. Nunn Center, Dr. Douglas Boyd. The recording studio is part of an ongoing project coordinated by library staff to record oral histories pertinent to Scott County. SCPL cardholders can reserve the studio at no charge to record their own audio and video projects with professional-quality equipment.

During the recording studio orientation session, Nixon gave an overview of the equipment and software that are available for use. For music creation and recording, the library offers GarageBand and Logic Pro X. For movie creation and video editing, the library offers iMovie and Final Cut Pro. GarageBand and iMovie are aimed at beginners while Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro are both professional-grade software programs. After introducing the different editing programs, Nixon moved on to cover the equipment available for use in the studio. The studio has microphones, headsets, backdrops, lighting equipment, and a video camera.


Video and Audio Equipment available for check out at SCPL

For Lissette Moreno, the aspiring filmmaker in attendance, this session was a dream come true. Finding this equipment and software exceptionally expensive to invest on her own, she stated,

“This is a perfect opportunity as a student seeking professional development. I can see students, musicians, and recording artists loving it here!”

Michael Esham, the library’s System Administrator, remarks that patrons can book the studio for 3 hours after they have completed the orientation. For additional help with the programs, Esham recommends that patrons use, an online resource with video tutorials. Call 502-863-3566 or register online to book your orientation today and start discovering all the exciting possibilities at the Scott County Public Library!



Preservation Station Allows You to Convert Your Favorite Memories into Digital Files at SCPL!

Persevation Station at SCPL


The Scott County Public Library has a new addition to its library services. The library has created a Preservation Station conveniently located in our Kentucky Room. We are pleased to offer a unique opportunity for patrons to preserve their favorite photos and videos into digital files.

The Preservation Station comes equipped with an Epson Scanner to scan photos and save them to digital formats. It has a cassette converter to preserve your cassette tapes as digital audio files. It also includes a VHS converter to preserve your favorite home movies to enjoy in the digital age. Patrons with a SCPL card can use this free do-it-yourself Preservation Station which has clearly written instructions for each piece of equipment. A member of the Adult Services staff may be available to help if needed. The Scott County Public Library is happy to offer this creative space which allows for exploration of new technology and equipment.

For more information on the Preservation Station, call the library at (502) 863-3566 or visit the library’s Kentucky Room.


Scott County Public Library celebrated National Native American Heritage Month!

-By Lissette De la Cruz

November was National Native American Heritage Month. It provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate the culture, history, and accomplishments of Native Americans.

photos for National Native American Heritage MonthThe Scott County Public Library had the great pleasure of presenting a Native American Flute Concert performed by Fred Nez-Keams. Patrons spent a peaceful evening listening to the sounds of the Native American flute paired with other instruments. Fred is a member of the Navaho nation. He brought a piece of his history and culture alive by sharing his beautiful music with us.


You can hear Fred Nez-Keams again on January 12th during one of our regular Sunday Sounds programs. Sunday Sounds is a musical tradition here at the library, where you can listen to local musicians in the Next Chapter Café every Sunday from 2-3 pm. These programs are perfect for the whole family to enjoy and we hope to see you there.


Collage photos for National Native American Heritage Month

The Scott County Public Library invites everyone to continue to learn more about the many traditions Native Americans celebrate in their lives. You can learn more by exploring our large collection of books on the subject.










El Día de los Muertos: A Celebration of Life and Death

Day of the dead
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-By Lissette De la Cruz

The Day of the Dead is not spooky, somber, nor is it a Mexican version of Halloween. While the days are close together, it is a day that originated within Mexico and is widely celebrated throughout Latin America. El Día de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead” is recognized Thursday, October 31 through Saturday, November 2. Those who honor this tradition, believe that past souls visit from the heavens to spend time with their families. On November 1, El Día de los Angelitos or Day of the Little Angels, are first to visit, and on November 2, El Día de los Difuntos, adults join the celebration.

During El Día de los Muertos, families create an ofrenda, or an offering in the form of an altar to honor their deceased relatives. Offerings are usually a colorful display of personalized items such as photographs, foods, baked pastries, and candles. Made to welcome those who have been lost, families celebrate this tradition by spending time together with food, music, and partaking in activities their loved ones enjoyed when they were living. The result is an unforgettable celebration filled with bright, colorful and exciting festivities!

“One time a year, our departed come back to celebrate with us.”

There is a strong importance in food offerings to honor the lives of those who have passed. Some significant items included in private family altars are salt to purify the spirits of traveling loved ones and water to quench the thirst of the deceased after their long travels to reunite with their families. Some other popular dishes to enjoy during the holiday are Mole, Pan de Muertos or Bread of the Dead, soups, and tamales. As well as the favorite dishes of those who have passed. Although, they are known to only indulge in the aromas of the offered food.

Along with food, other symbolic offerings are Marigolds, the commonly used flower known to represent evanescent life. This beautiful flower is known to guide loved ones back to their families. Another customary offering are candles, which are lit for each deceased relative as the candles light the path back to their families. Many families visit graveyards during this time to clean tombstones and leave flowers and candles to welcome the deceased back to the world of the living.

Day of the dead
Participants standing in front of an altar during Día de los Muertos
Windzepher/iStock via Getty Images

“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.”

As for the skulls that are predominately seen during El Día de los Muertos, they are known to give a good-humored nod to the idea of death. This time of the year, families choose to celebrate death as a beautiful thing instead of something to fear. They welcome back their loved ones with open arms for the chance to reminisce on times well spent and remind themselves how very much alive they remain in their hearts.

Day of the dead

The Scott County Public Library invites the Scott County community to celebrate Día de los Muertos with us! Patrons are welcome to bring photos of their loved ones and to help create Día de los Muertos inspired crafts for our library altar displayed behind our Information Desk.



3…2…1…BLAST OFF! 
Scott County Public Library Launches Global Rocket Event!

Global Rocket Launch at SCPL

-By Lissette De la Cruz

On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission set off to outer space, and became the first to successfully land on the moon. Four days later, an estimated 650 million people watched on television as Commander Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, and heard his unforgettable words, “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

On July 16, 2019, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo rocket launch to the moon, Scott County Public Library held a NASA/Global Rocket Launch event. We joined together with Huntsville “Rocket City”, Alabama and their Space Camp for the chance to enter the world record books with the most rockets shot into the air on one day.

Scott County Public Library invited the community to join this worldwide celebration of mankind’s monumental achievement. As the world came together, children and adults from Scott County participated in making their very own straw rockets! Fun craft materials were provided, and imaginations soared as participants buzzed with excitement in anticipation to blast off their rockets!

Jill Szwed and the LEX18 team joined this event as they filmed their final installment of their Summer Reading Program of libraries in central Kentucky. Szwed kicked off the rocket launch with family story time, reading a book with a solar system theme. Soon everyone gathered round for countdown as children prepared to blast off their rockets!

Global Rocket Launch at SCPL

The Scott County Public Library’s Summer Reading feature is scheduled to air on Wednesday (7/24) at 5:30 pm on LEX18!
We were delighted to have many participants, and to have been awarded a Certificate of Participation from the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in this historical event!

Global Rocket Launch at SCPL  Global Rocket Launch at SCPL

Use hashtag #GlobalRocketLaunch to see all the excitement shared from around the world!