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This page lists all classes that are offered at the Scott County Public Library. Upcoming classes are shown below on the left-hand side. For a full list of our upcoming classes, visit our calendar

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Mouse and Keyboard Basics Learn basic functions of the mouse, such as right clicking, left clicking, drag and drop, and highlighting text. They will learn basic functions of the keyboard such as the use of all keys that are not letters (CRTL, ALT, etc.).
Internet Basics A brief introduction to Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers. Learn to search the Internet, navigate links, use tabs, save favorite sites, and troubleshoot basic connection issues.
Windows Learn the basics of the Windows start menu, tiles, apps , desktop, how to open programs, close installed programs, create files, save files, create folders, move folders, and print.
Email Basics Learn to retrieve mail, compose and address messages, add attachments, and manage their inbox.
Microsoft Word Basics Learn how to open a new document, enter text, copy/paste text, and format it (bold, italics, and underline), specify fonts, font size, font color, use spell check and the dictionary, set line spacing, add page breaks, insert a picture, save documents and print.
More Microsoft Word Learn how to format documents in specific ways by creating tables, numbered lists, bulleted lists, managing margins, using the Style Gallery, adding text boxes, and applying effects to pictures and text.
Microsoft Publisher Learn to make professional brochures including how to layout a brochure using tables and text boxes, to format text and insert graphics.
PowerPoint Learn the basics of a presentation program including adding slides, formatting text on slides, adding pictures/graphics to slides, applying effect to pictures and text, adding audio/video, reordering slides, adding transitions between slides, timing slides and manually moving through slides.
Excel Basics Learn the basics of spreadsheets including cells, columns, rows, worksheets, and workbooks, how to enter data, enter text, copy/paste text, and format it (bold, italics, and underline), specify fonts, font size, font color, merge cells, adjust row height/column width, use basic formulas, name a worksheet, save the workbook, and print.
Excel Charts Learn to insert charts, to format t data charts, add Sparkline charts, perform what-if analysis and create pivot tables.
Excel Formulas Learn advanced formulas, linking worksheet and workbooks through formulas, and advanced searching.
Google Searches Learn to focus searches and get more relevant results to become a savvier searcher.
Sharing and Editing Videos on YouTube Learn to watch videos and listen to music on YouTube, upload and share videos with friends and edit videos before you upload them using YouTube Editor.
Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Learn to use Google’s free, online text, spreadsheet and presentation software.
Online Storage Learn about cloud storage and how to save files to free storage sites, such as Microsoft OneDrive and DropBox.
Facebook Basics Learn to navigate Facebook, post messages, pictures, and find friends and protect their privacy.
Introduction to Twitter Learn the basics of using including @replies, direct messages, hashtags, and retweets. Learn how to find people to follow and search for information about your interests.
Buy it and Sell it Online Learn how to buy and sell items using eBay, etsy, PayPal, craigslist and amazon safely.