Director’s Newsletter

Director’s Newsletter—January, 2016Barbara

  1. Aloka Mukherjee retired after 15 years working for the library. An interview committee will get started interviewing for her position at the end of the month.
  2. Mark Burke has been promoted to the full-time custodian position. He has been working part-time for us for the last three months. We will advertise for another part-time position in February. When we open the entire library we will have over 41,000 sq. ft. to maintain, including nine bathrooms.
  3. I couldn’t be more proud of the efforts of the staff to get us organized and moved in just 17 days (not counting our usual holidays). We were determined to be ready by the end of the month and we were. Over 1,000 people came through our doors the first day we re-opened. We had maps of the new facility and greeting everyone personally that came through our doors that entire week.
  4. The museum will re-open this Sunday and I plan to attend the reception.
  5. Georgetown College folks, including their Library Director, and other library staff came to tour our new facility and meet with Melissa Gibson and myself. We discussed ways we could partner together this year when our renovated facility is finished. We are going to tour the college library and facilities the first week in February. Potential Partnerships include projects involving oral history, borrowing from their extensive art collection, and joint programs with the same authors.
  6. We will meet with our space planners and movers starting next week to coordinate the second phase of this project. We also continue to meet monthly with the construction committee. You will hear exciting news from Ian about the progress but it may be finished earlier than we first thought.
  7. January is the month that all full-time staff need to turn in their staff development credits for the last year. It involves a fair amount of paperwork, but it helps our staff stay up to date on library services training.
  8. We will be a polling place for the upcoming special election in March on the 8th, and then again for the primary in May, and finally for the election in next November. Though we currently have one small meeting room, the room you are in, we think it will work for the March special election. We think our role as polling place not only brings new people through our doors, but fits with the educational mission of the library.

Thanks for your support of the library. Barbara O’Hara, Library Director

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