Library Card Questions

Q: How do I get a library card?

A: If you are 18 or older, bring in a photo ID with verification of your mailing address and apply for your card. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must accompany you.

Q: How do I get a PIN (Patron Identification Number)

A: A four digit number will be assigned to you when you apply for your card (the default PIN is the last four digits of your phone number). If you forget your PIN or want to change it, ask a staff member to assign a new PIN the next time you are in the library

Q: Is there a charge to get a library card?
A: If you are a Kentucky resident, the first library card is free. For out-of-state non-residents there is an annual $10.00 fee.

Q: How long does the library card last?
A: Library cards are valid for one year, after which they may be updated. This is done to keep our address files valid.

Q: What if I lose my card?
A: Notify the library immediately so that a “stop” can be put on your record. The library card will no longer be valid. Failure to notify the library of a lost or stolen card limits your ability to dispute fines or charges for materials not returned.

Q: What if I get married and my name changes?
A: No, name changes are made at no charge.

Q: Do I need to do anything when I become a legal adult at age 18?
A: Yes. We need to update our records in the computer to show that you are now a legal adult. You will need current photo ID to make this change.

Q: What if my address changes? Should I notify the library?
A: Yes, that is greatly appreciated. There is no charge to update your address. You may notify the library by phone or in person for any changes in your personal information.

Q: May others use my library card?
A: No, each person should use his or her own library card for borrowing items or for Internet use. Parents are ultimately responsible for any charges incurred on their own or their children’s cards until children are 18 years of age.

Q: May I check out materials if I don’t have my card with me?
A: For your own protection we prefer that you present your card every time you use the library. However, in unusual circumstances, the library staff can look up your card number if photo identification is provided. The library reserves the right to refuse to check materials out to you for consistently failing to present your card.

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Checking Out Materials & Renewals

Q: How long may I keep library materials?
A: Most materials may be kept for three (3) weeks. This includes books, audiobooks, compact disks, new books, magazines, and nonfiction DVDs. Popular DVDs may be kept for seven (7) days.

Q: How many items may I check out?
A: No more than 25 books, 10 audio books, unlimited magazines, 8 new releases, 10 CD’s, 4 “popular” DVDs, and 4 nonfiction DVDs. InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is limited to 3 items; and kits are limited to 2.

Q: When will my materials be due back at the library?
A: A receipt will be printed that tells you exactly what you have checked out and when each item is due. The receipt will list all items checked out during one visit to the library’s circulation desk. Items checked out at another visit (even if the same day) will generate another receipt.

Q: How can I get materials from another library if you don’t own something that I need?
A: The library offers interlibrary loan service. You must complete an interlibrary loan form at the Information Desk or fill out our online application by going to our Interlibrary Loan page under the Services tab. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to get any materials through the interlibrary loan process. This allows our library’s staff member the time needed to process the request as well as the owning library’s staff the time to process the request on their end. Please note that school and academic libraries have their own rules about what they may or may not lend and we are subject to their rules. It is also important to know that we cannot request anything that has been published within the last six months.

Q: May I renew library items if I’m not finished with them?
A: Most items may be renewed twice. Items with patrons waiting for them may not be renewed. Generally, items received through the interlibrary loan process may NOT be renewed; renewals depend on the owning library and are determined on a case by case basis. DVDs may be renewed once.

Q: How do I renew my library materials?
A: You may bring them in to the library, call the library, or renew them yourself using the library’s web catalog. In all cases you will need to have your library card available. However, please note that we do not renew any materials via e-mail. If you choose to renew online using the library’s web catalog, please note that items must be renewed ON or BEFORE the due date for the renewal to be successful. If you have outstanding fines under $10.00, you will still be able to renew items as long as they are not overdue. Any items that are already overdue must be brought to the library or called in to a staff member to renew them. The overdue charges may be paid at the time of renewal or added to your library account.

Q: How many times may I renew library materials?
A: Items may be renewed up to two times. The exception is for those items for which reserves (holds) have been placed for another patron. Also, nonfiction and popular DVDs may be renewed once.

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Overdue Fines

Q: How much is an overdue fine?
A: The library charges $0.05 per day per item for most items classified as young adult or adult items. DVDs, CDs, New Release books and Star Kits are $0.25 per day. Interlibrary loan fines are generally $1.00 per item per day.

Q: Is there a maximum fine?
A: Fines stop accumulating at $10.00 per item.

Q: How will I know if I have fines?
A: Fines will appear on your record accessible through the website or you may call the library for information. In addition, the library staff will tell you when you check something out if you have a fine on your record.

Q: May I check materials out of the library if I have a fine?
A: As long as your fine is less than $10.00, you may check items out of the library. Anything owed over $10.00 will prevent you from checking out materials.

Q: Do you send overdue notices and bills?
A: A reminder is sent out 14 days after the item was due back at the library. After another 14 days (28 days total) a bill is sent. The receipt you received when you checked out your items is your best resource for telling you when your items are due. Additionally you may check your account online at any time to determine the due date of your items.

Q: I didn’t save my receipt. Is there any other way to find out if I have items overdue?
A: Yes. You may call the library at (502) 863-3566 or if you have a home computer, you may check your library account at the library’s web site at http://www.scottpublib.org.

Q: There is a “stop” on my account but I did not receive any notification of being overdue.
A: Notices that are undeliverable are returned to us. Returned notices are processed and if no address can be determined a stop is placed on your library card until we get a current address from you.

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Returning Materials

Q: Where should I return my library materials?
A: You may bring them inside the library and drop them in the slot at the Circulation Desk or drop them off in the book drop outside the library. The outside book drop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Book drops are also available at Sadieville and Stamping Ground. Exact locations for each book drop can be found on the Library Express page under the Outreach tab on our website.

Q: May I return items to another library?
A: No

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Placing Holds, Magazine Back Issues

Q: How do I place a hold on an item I want that is checked out to someone else?
A: Request the librarian place a hold for you or you can use the web-based catalog. You may place holds from any of the library’s catalog terminals, or from any computer with Internet access.

Q: I’m having a problem getting my library card to be recognized on the library’s web catalog. What am I doing wrong?
A: You need to type the entire library card number with NO spaces in order for the program to recognize your card.

Q: The catalog asks for a PIN. What do I do?
A: A PIN is a personal identification number you get when you sign up for your library card.

You may continue to use the PIN assigned or you may create a new PIN made up of four numbers of your choice. If you forget your PIN, tell a staff member who will reset your account to allow you to create a new PIN.

Q: How do I get copies of back issues of magazines to check out?
A: Back issues for the current year are available in the library. Simply lift the slanted shelves where the current issue is displayed and the issues for the current year should be visible. Only the current issue of a magazine must stay in the library for use.

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Lost & Damaged Items

Q: What if I find an item I’ve paid for? Can I get my money back?
A: We’re sorry–the library does not give refunds.

Q: What happens if I damage an item? Will I have to pay for it?
A: Not necessarily. If the item can be mended, we will not charge you. If it is damaged beyond repair, you will be charged for the full replacement cost.

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Q: Does the library have a “Friends” group?
A: Yes. You can join the group by picking up an informational brochure at the library. You’ll be contacted about the next meeting.

Q: Can the library use volunteers?
A: Through the Friends of the Library, volunteers are utilized to help with special projects and events. Please indicate your interest in volunteering when you complete the Friends application.

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Q: May I donate items to the library that I no longer need.
A: Yes. We welcome donations of books in a clean, dry condition and music CDs and DVDs that are in playable condition. No obsolete media, encyclopedia, textbooks, or instruction manuals will be accepted. One box of donations per week is all that will be accepted. Items that are not needed for the library’s collection will be donated to the Friends of the Library for their used bookstore.

Q: May I donate money in honor or in memory of people?
A: Yes. Monetary donations are welcome. This is a wonderful way to remember the special people in our lives and are most welcome. Envelopes for donations are available in our pamphlet rack.

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Book Sales

Q: When are your book sales?
A: The Friends of the Library operates a bookstore inside the library that sells all of the library’s lightly used materials that are no longer in circulation.

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Homebound Services

Q: I can no longer get to the library. Do you have any services available to allow me to continue using the library?
A: Yes. We provide Outreach where library staff members will bring library materials to you. You can get details from this website

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Further Assistance

Q: I have a question that is not covered in your FAQs. How do I get an answer?
A: Either call library by phone (502-863-3566) or e-mail the library. (SCPL@scottpublib.org)

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