Mayor Prather and GTran Bus Service

“ It is so exciting that folks can ride the GTran to the SCPL! This removes another barrier for citizens wanting to use this important resource. Our library is now a hub of community activity. The GTran service makes the SCPL accessible to everyone! Take a ride today! ”

- Georgetown Mayor, Tom Prather

A Partnership that works for the community

The best kept secret in Georgetown is Gtran Around Town

GTran, which began its public bus service early in 2018, operates Monday through Saturday in the city of Georgetown!  Over a three-year period before the service began, input was gathered from city leaders and citizens so that popular bus stop locations could be identified.  There are two different buses that follow either the Blue route or the Red route (See below for the route schedule).  Each route serves a different part of town, but they meet up twice along their routes so that riders can transfer and have access to additional stops.  The routes loop six times daily.  Just go to one of the designated stops to ride the bus for as little as $1. 
Beginning September 1st, you can ride FREE to and from the Scott County Public Library by showing your SCPL library card! 

For those who cannot navigate steps, GTran is an accessible transportation service that includes a lift for mobility devices such as wheelchairs.   Anyone can ride!  GTran is considered a “deviated fixed route.”  In simple terms, this means that GTran will pick you up or drop you off at an address that is within one-half (1/2) mile of a GTran published bus stop.  A deviation must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance by calling the reservationist at 1-800-456-6588.  Up to two deviations per loop may be scheduled.  Route deviations are available for people with and without disabilities.

Some of the most popular reasons people ride GTran are:

  • Economical and budget friendly
  • Shop local
  • Avoid parking hassles
  • Help the environment by leaving the car at home
  • Maintain an active lifestyle; bring your bicycle
  • People that walk to bus stops are more active and get more daily steps
  • Grocery and household shopping
  • Pay bills
  • Stimulate your mind with a stop at the Public Library
  • Eliminate driving stress
  • Easy for Georgetown College students to do errands
  • Visit family and friends
  • While you are having car repairs completed
  • While looking for employment
  • Easy access to courthouse and legal community
  • Have lunch with a friend

GTran is a program sponsored by Bluegrass Community Partnership (BGCAP) and Bluegrass Ultra-Transit Service.  With the support of the Federal Transit Administration and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Office of Transportation Delivery, the people of Georgetown now have affordable access to the community.  For more information about the GTran bus service, please call 1-800-456-6588 or visit their website

GTran Blue and Red Route Schedules

Take the Blue Route to Stop B9 for Scott County Public Library. See the schedule map below.

(Click on the schedules below to enlarge the image)

Bluegrass Community Action Partnership logo
Anyone Can Ride logo

Route Transfers

Riders may transfer from one bus route to another at no additional charge - ask your driver for a free transfer token. GTran offers 2 locations to transfer buses. The Blue and Red routes share stops at Washington Square and Georgetown Center (former Kmart), which serves as the only two points for transfers. The Red Route only stops once per loop at Georgetown Center. See the route map and schedules to check if transferring buses will shorten your trip. The free transfer tokens may be used at the two transfer points only. Transfer tokens do not expire. Feel Free to stop and eat or finish shopping before using your transfer token.

Route Deviations

GTran is a deviated fixed route. This means that if you are at an address within one half (1/2) of a mile of our Georgetown bus stops, Gtran will either pick you up at that address or drop you off at another location within one half (1/2) of a mile of any Georgetown bus stop. All route deviations are for people with and without disabilities. Tell the reservationist you want to schedule a deviation for GTran. All deviations are scheduled during a short time frame when the bus is normally scheduled to be at the closest stop to your requested deviation. it is important you are ready at the given time as GTran has a schedule to maintain. Make your reservations early as only two (2) scheduled deviations per loop are available. This allows your bus to run in a timely fashion and be more predictable.

A deviation must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance by calling the reservationist at 1-800-456-6588.

Compliments concerns or suggestions are always welcome by calling a trained reservationist:
8 am-6 pm Monday-Friday
8 am-1 pm Saturday

Reservations are accepted until 4:30 pm and 1 pm on Saturdays. Please call 1-800-456-6588 or visit their website at

Central office/Mailing Address
111 Professional Court
Frankfort, KY 40601
Att: GTran