Library Express

What is it?

library expressLibrary Express, a free service offered by the Scott County Public Library, provides library patrons with rapid and direct access to library resources by delivering library materials to our drop-off locations listed below. The Scott County Public Library is committed to providing reliable and efficient courier service to all library patrons. Delivery days and times for all locations are listed below.


Delivery to the Stamping Ground lockers is temporarily suspended.

Library items that need to be returned may still be dropped off at the Stamping Ground Drop Box.


SadievilleLE StampingGroundLE
Sadieville City Hall, 605 Pike Street, Sadieville Stamping Ground Food Store, 131 Springview Drive, Stamping Ground


Mondays at 6

Fridays at 6


The library will notify when items are available for pick-up.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Place items on hold online or by phone using your library card.
  2. When your item is available, the library will deliver them to the Library Express location.
  3. The library will notify you when your materials are ready to pick-up.
  4. You will have two days to collect them from your Library Express location.
  5. For pick-up, enter the last five digits of your library card number into the locker keypad. Press the ENTER key and your assigned locker box will open.
  6. Remove your items and receipt. Close locker box.
  7. Returning items is easy. Return materials to the Scott County Public Library or use the return drop at the Library Express location.

Call the library at 502-863-3566 for more information.