Library Services

The Scott County Public Library has many services available to library patrons.


The library has a copier in the Public Internet Computer area that makes black/white and color copies. The charges for copies are:

Single-side, black and white — 10¢

Double-side, black and white — 20¢

Single-side, color — 50¢

Double-side, color — $1.00

The copier also scans documents to email.


The library has 25 PC-based computers in the Public Internet Computer area for patrons to use.

  • To use the computers, a patron needs a library card in good standing. Guest passes will be issued to out-of-town patrons with a valid drivers license for one time use. Out of town patrons that regularly visit the library must obtain a library card to use the computers.
  • There is no charge to use the computers.
  • The computers have the following programs installed: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Access), GIMP, and common Internet browsers. Installation of software or changes to the configuration of the computers is prohibited.
  • Patrons can print from the computers. They can print documents they created on the computer or documents they access via their email or removable storage. Printing costs 10 cents for black and white copies and 50 cents for color per page. Copies over $5 may be paid for with a credit card. Copies under $5 must be paid for with change or bills.


Patrons may send or receive faxes in the library. The fax service has a charge of $0.50 per page to send or receive. To receive a fax at the library, our fax number is 502-863-9621.

Other Services

Exam Proctoring

Interlibrary Loan

Teacher Assistance

Interlibrary Loan Policy

The SCPL will seek to abide by the National Interlibrary Loan Code and to follow the recommendations of the Kentucky Library Network. The KLN’s Interlibrary Loan Policy will be followed in regard to all transactions with Kentucky libraries. SOLINE’s terms of membership and protocols will be followed in regard to transactions with SOLINE libraries. It is the policy of the Scott County Public Library to obtain books and other materials for its patrons via interlibrary loan when requested materials are not available in the Library System if it is ascertained that it is the best means of attaining the item. Interlibrary loan supplements the collection but is not meant to be a substitute for collection development. The library will also respond to interlibrary loan requests from all types of other established libraries.

Interlibrary loan activities are the responsibility of the Reference Librarian. The SCPL staff will abide by the following specific policies:

  • Reference staff will seek to conduct effective reference interviews so that the patron’s specific needs will be ascertained and that interlibrary loan will be used judiciously.
  • Patrons must have a valid and non-delinquent SCPL card to be able to borrow books through interlibrary loan.
  • Request forms must be filled out completely, including a signature verifying that the copyright statement has been read.
  • All interlibrary loan requests will be carefully screened by the interlibrary loan staff to ensure that the item is not owned by the SCPL and that the requested item would not be more appropriately obtained through purchased or another means. Items currently available in Books-In-Print for under $20.00 should be recommended for purchase to the appropriate department.
  • Some restrictions will be placed on types of material requested through interlibrary loan. SCPL will not try to borrow the following:
    • Genealogical materials
    • Current year fiction
    • Any item published in the last six months
    • Titles which SCPL owns or has on order
    • Reference materials
    • Books available in inexpensive paperback form

Audiovisual materials (video, microfilm, cassettes, etc.) unless the patron has confirmation from a particular source that the item will be loaned.

  • Books/photocopies are borrowed through the OCLC I.L.L. subsystem first from libraries in Kentucky, if available, and then from libraries in the Southeast who are members of SOLINE. Requests not available from KLN will be transferred to the Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives for referral to libraries outside Kentucky.
  • For periodical articles, we will seek to verify citations if we have sources to do so or will call the KLIC office for help with verification (unless the patron has provided verification.) We will not send requests unless the citation has been verified.
  • We will check periodical holdings on KULS before sending requests.
  • Our interlibrary loan request forms will have the “Warning concerning copyright” statement. The SCPL will not request photocopies if in its judgment there is a violation of copyright involved.
  • When requesting periodical articles, patrons need to give us definite information about the amount they are willing to pay. If the patron is not willing to pay additional fees, we cannot order from out-of-state libraries unless we know they do not charge.
  • For books, author and title information must be available for a request to be processed. For periodical articles, we must have complete date, and either title of article or subject and page number.
  • The loan period for an interlibrary loan item varies depending on the lending library’s policies. (This is usually between two to three weeks.)
  • It is very important that interlibrary loan books be returned on time since it is a privilege to borrow these items.
  • Renewals are not encouraged. If there is a valid need, requests for renewal should be made several days prior to the due date. Only one renewal will be allowed for a particular title.
  • Overdue interlibrary loan books are subject to a fine of $1.00 per day per item.
  • Patrons will be responsible for any lost or damaged interlibrary loan items. Since the SCPL would not be ordering the item except that the patron has requested it, this includes items lost in transit, etc.
  • The SCPL reserves the right to cancel a patron’s borrowing privileges for abuses.
  • A patron may have as many as three requests “on order” at a time.

Scott County Public Library


Books will be loaned without charge to Kentucky Library Network (KLN) members and to SOLINE libraries through the OCLC Interlibrary loan Subsystem. Loans will also be made to Kentucky libraries that are not members of KLN-these requests will be evaluated based on use of protocol and the needs of our patrons.

We will accept requests via OCLC and ALA interlibrary loan forms.

The KLN’s Interlibrary Loan Policy will be followed in regard to all interlibrary loans with Kentucky libraries. SOLINE’s terms of membership and protocols will be followed in regard to all interlibrary loan transactions with SOLINE libraries.

The following material types will not be loaned:

  • Reference books
  • Audiovisual items
  • Holiday books (at the time of that particular holiday)
  • Nonfiction books published in the past six months
  • Fiction books published in the past twelve months
  • Rented books (Baker & Taylor Lease Plan)
  • Microform
  • Entire issues of periodicals
  • Multiple copies of the same title
  • Popular paperback fiction listed in current Books in Print (retail price less than $7.00)

The lending period for books will be thirty days.

Renewals for two weeks may be given if there is not a reserve for the item or an expected demand for the item.

Overdue fines will not be charged but overdue notices will be sent at the following intervals; two weeks and four weeks.

If a library continually abuses its borrowing privileges notification will be sent to that library that its borrowing privileges will be suspended until the problem situation is resolved.

We will seek to be as generous as possible in filling requests, but the needs of SCPL patrons will always be first priority. Existing staff resources may also limit the number of request we are able to fill.

The following policies relate to photocopy requests:

  • Reciprocal arrangements will be honored (libraries with which we have made special arrangements for providing and receiving copies free of charge)
  • Kentucky libraries will not be charged for copies
  • Any library for which we are able to determine would not charge the SCPL for copies will not be charged.
  • Requests for more than twenty pages will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • We will not fill requests which appear to be in violation of copyright guidelines.

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Teacher Assistance

The Scott County Public Library offers many services for you and your students. Please contact the Youth Services Manager to learn more about these services.

Library Visits: Tours of the public library, which include an introduction to library use and book care are available. Depending upon the grade level the program might include a story or short program. Please schedule two weeks in advance.

Class Room Visits: Public librarians are available to visit your classroom. Their programs can be tailored to the grade level and topic that you request. In the spring, we welcome the opportunity to introduce the Summer Reading Program. Please request a visit at least two weeks in advance.

Reserve Shelf: Library material may be placed on reserve for use in the library when you assign a special project to an entire class. One week advance notice is required.

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