Local History Quick Reference

A Brief Look at Our Local History Publications and Records

Church Histories

Scott County Church Histories: A Collection by Ann Bolton Bevins, J. Robert Snyder: editors; 1979

The First Disciples-Christian Church: First Christian Church of Georgetown, Ky 1816-1981 by Ann Bolton Bevins; 1981

The Great Crossing Missionary Baptist Church: Centennial Volume 1887-1987; 1987

History of the Baptist Church at the Stamping Ground, KY 1795– by J. W. Singer; Revised Ed. 1970

History of the Great Crossings Baptist Church 1785-1945; published 1945

Minutes of the Great Crossings Baptist Church, Scott County, KY 1785-1813

Minutes of the Long Lick Church of Scott County, Ky, 1805-1844

A History of the Oxford Christian Church by John D. Trefzger; Lexington, KY 1950

Kith, Kin, Wee Kirk History: Volume 1—Churches by Charles and Emily Egbert, c1995

“That Troublesome Parish”: St. Francis/St. Pius Church of White Sulphur, Kentucky, Mother Church of Diocese of Covington by Ann Bolton Bevins and Rev. James R. O’Rourke; 1985

The Churches in Scott County, 1974

First Baptist Church, 1993

History of Georgetown Baptist Church 1810-2010; editors Marybeth Hambrick, Stan Dyer

Caesarea Church of Christ History, 1989

Corinth Christiana Church, Scott County, Kentucky, 1983

Newtown Christian Church: A History 1857-2007

A History of The Church of The Holy Trinity by Ruth Bowling, 1979

Cemetery Records

Gone, Forgotten, Now Remembered: Scott County, Kentucky Cemeteries by Scott Co. Genealogical Society, Inc.;1992

Kith, Kin, Wee Kirk , Vol. II-VI: Cemeteries by Charles and Emily Egbert, c 1995

Local Histories

O. Gaines History of Scott County, Kentucky, Volumes I & II; c1904

The Best of Scott County: the people & events that shaped our history; c2000

Echoes of the Past in the Western Part of Scott County [1775-1980], Volumes I & II; c1975 & 1980.

A History of Scott County as Told by Selected Buildings by Ann Bolton Bevins; c1981

Images of America: Georgetown and Scott County by Ann Bolton Bevins, Frederick A. Johnston, and Lindsey Apple; c1998

Scott County: A History by Lindsey Apple, Frederick A. Johnston, Ann Bolton Bevins; c1993

Families and History, Scott County, Kentucky by Scott County Genealogical Society, c1996

Historical Development of Agricultural Buildings by Ann Bolton Bevins

Involvement of Blacks in Scott County Commerce During the Postbellum Period (1865-1918) by Ann Bolton Bevins, 1989

An Early History of Scott County: Material Gathered and Written More than 100 Years Ago

Scott County Legal Records

Will Records of Scott County Kentucky 1794-Feb.1820 by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry

Scott County, Kentucky Wills and Estates 1795-1822 by Charles M. Franklin, 1985

Scott County, Kentucky Marriages 1793-1850 by Charles M. Franklin

Scott County, Kentucky Marriages 1837-1850 by The Researchers Publication

Scott County, Kentucky Taxpayers 1794-1799 by T.L.C. Genealogy; c1990

Kentucky Frontiersmen Volume 3: Index to Will Books A,B,C,D,E in Scott County, Kentucky by Barbara Augspurger, 1982

Commentary, Index, & Records of Scott County, Ky “Slave Marriages” (1867-1901) compiled by Ellie Caroland.