Helen Morrison was an artist well known for her portraits and a series called “Great Americans” during the 1940s.  During a visit to Kentucky, she photographed residents in Zion Hill, Sugar Hill and Stringtown near Lexington and Midway.

Dr. Luther Adams, Amanda Higgins and two members from Scott County’s Zion Hill community discovered Morrison’s Kentucky photographs after Chicago’s Newberry Library displayed them online.  All agreed the photos were noteworthy, and the Morrison-Shearer Foundation and Newberry Library shared digitized photos for display state-wide.

Because little is known about some of the exact locations or identity of the individuals and families in the photographs, visitors who can identify them are encouraged to contact the library at (502) 863-3566.


1. Woman Dressed up in hat and polka dot jacket in front of barber shop

2. Down South

3. Myrtle Livers on porch of home in Zion Hill

4. Myrtle Livers and Lillian Marie Bell in front of fence and home in Zion Hill

5. Up on Sugar Hill

6. Goin' Home

7. Allie B. Clay in kitchen, probably at William's house

8. Woman wearing headscarf and apron standing on porch

9. Girl in dress licking ice cream cone in Lexington

10. Young boy on sidewalk at the corner of Corral Street in Lexington

11. Seems Like Rain

12. Goin' Home

13. A man named Joe

14. Elderly man in hat walking with cane in front of Skylark Tea Room

15. Uncle Press

16. Man (Bubba McIntyre?) standing outside barn in plaid shirt and hat

17. Young boy holding a stick, standing in front of a brick building

18. Man in hat pulling wagon in front of shops

19. Ridin' High

20. Allie B. Clay and her sister-in-law (Alice or Anna Carter?)

21. Anna Bell and children on porch in Sugar Hill

22. Group of women and children, dressed up and standing together on hill

23. Young woman with three children on porch

24. Young woman with young girl on porch

25. Omaha Nebraska

26. Man pulling bag of straw in stall at Idle Hour Farm

27. Henry Clay standing by fence at idle hour Farm

28. Man in tie and cap with badge sitting on car bumper on urban street

29. Horse and Groom at Dixiana Farms

30. Man in Coat standing by stall with broom at idle hour Farm